Green mood

We care about the environment.

We care about the environment and the land around us, to be valued and protected.
Our facility has a system of solar thermal panels to heat water and recover energy. For several years we have been eco-sustainable in everything, with photovoltaic panels that cover eighty per cent of our energy needs and a rainwater recovery system that allows us not to waste water: we also use it to water the park and its flowers, but also our organic greenhouse.

The restaurant has its own greenhouse with a vegetable garden still tended by Mamma Rosa, including aromatic herbs and many seasonal vegetables: “They are part of our cuisine, a true zero kilometre” explains the Bertoletti family. From tomatoes to courgettes, from pumpkin to cauliflower, a greenhouse surrounded by a green lung: “The park is dedicated to our father Battista: he built the Panoramico, he was its soul and entertainer together with Rosa” explain Monica and Beppe.