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The wonder of the surroundings

From the Ristorante Hotel Panoramico you can visit the most beautiful places in the area, with exciting excursions in direct contact with nature.

Monte Isola

Known as the largest lake island in Europe, it is the island of Lake Iseo. It can be reached from Riva di Solto by boat, and on the island you can rent bicycles and tandems or walk to the top and visit the sanctuary of the Madonna della Ceriola. There are also small beaches and the water is always a pleasant temperature for those who wish to swim. You can fish or go shopping for the traditional and popular hand-woven hammocks or beach bags.

Fonteno Valley

Accessible on foot directly from our restaurant and hotel, there are numerous itineraries in the Fonteno valley. Seven are the most significant: the Torès mule track, the route to Parzanica and Vigolo; the Doss Cargadura, the Brugai, the Boer and Noal. As you walk along these paths, you can also admire some historic farmsteads dating back to the 1400s. You can also visit a farmhouse, ‘il Mut’, where you can learn how goat cheese is made and possibly even buy it.


Located nine kilometres from our restaurant and hotel, it is a pretty town with trendy shops and several historical buildings to visit such as the Sanctuary of Saints Gerosa and Capitanio and the Church of Santa Maria in Valvendra.
For sports enthusiasts, there is both an outdoor and indoor swimming pool here, and it is also possible to hire a rowing or sailing boat with or without crew or take windsurfing or sailing lessons at the renowned A.v.a.s. school.
At night, Lovere comes alive with numerous nightclubs – breweries, pubs and nightclubs – as well as the marvellous lakeside venues. For shopping enthusiasts, a visit to the large open-air market on Saturdays is recommended.


It is located near Lovere and is known for its church with frescoes by the famous painter Romanino. In Valle Palot, above Pisogne, you can go mushrooming: porcini mushrooms can be found here.

The Pyramids of Cislano

Twenty kilometres from our restaurant and hotel, there is a place called Zone: here you park your car and then walk down for about twenty minutes to admire the earth pyramids of Cislano. A true spectacle of Nature.

Zone and the Gnome Forest

Just near Zone, you can walk to the Bosco degli gnomi (Gnome Forest), a path where you can meet and admire forty-four characters including fairies, gnomes, dinosaurs, bears and owls carved directly into the trunks. Incredible sculptures in Nature and, if you are lucky, you can meet and observe the creator of this enchanted place, known as ‘the Red’, carving new characters in his hut.

Mount Creò

On the Bergamo side of Lake Iseo, near Parzanica, stands the Santuario della Santissima Trinità, a Romanesque church located at an altitude of around 1,000 metres, offering a splendid panoramic view of the lake.
The view sweeps across Lake Iseo to Monte Isola, Corna Trentapassi, Punta Almana and Monte Guglielmo.
The route is simple and safe and is suitable for hikers and families in both summer and winter.

Darfo Boario Terme and Archeopark

Twenty-five kilometres from the restaurant and hotel is Darfo Boario Terme, known for its thermal waters. If you wish, you can drink its water and visit the park. During the summer you can also listen to live music concerts and dance in the open air. You can also visit the Archeopark, seeing how people lived and worked in prehistoric times: a real journey through time with the possibility of a guided tour. In the park there are workshops for young and old, discovering clay working, learning how to use the flywheel and bow drill, grinding grain, as well as rock carving.

Lake Endine

Just five kilometres from the restaurant and hotel is another lake, Lake Endine. Here you can go swimming, rent a pedalo, organise a cycling trip or go to the Casa del Pescatore for sunbathing and fishing. Here they have everything you need for a relaxing day. But above all, in winter, you can admire the frozen lake, a magical spectacle.

San Defendente

It is a small church located a short distance from the restaurant and hotel: it can be reached on foot along a remarkable nature trail. Once you reach the top, you can enjoy a magnificent panorama that allows you to admire the whole of Lake Iseo.

And then again...

And then again...

40 kilometres away, it is impossible not to visit Bergamo and its masterpiece Città Alta. Or the city of Brescia or nearby Lake Garda.
If, on the other hand, you simply want to relax, you have everything you need in our lounges and on the terrace or garden: all you need is a chaise longue overlooking the lake and a good book that you can choose from our hotel library.